• N-methylcyclohexylamine


    Chemical name:N-methylcyclohexylamine
    Molecular formula: c7h16n
    CAS No.: 100-60-7
    Molecular weight: 114.2
    appearance: Colorless to yellowish liquid
    Content: ≥98%
    Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in benzene, alcohol, etc
    Boiling range: 61-63℃
    Refractive index: 1.456
    Specific gravity: zero point eight six eight nine
    [package storage] 170kg iron bucket
  • Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)

    Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)

    CMC is the most widely used and convenient product in cellulose ether, which is commonly known as “industrial MSG”. CMC has many important characteristics, such as forming high viscosity colloid, solution, adhesive, thickening, flowing, emulsification, dispersing, shaping, water conservation, protecting colloid, film forming, acid resistance, salt resistance and turbidity resistance, and is harmless in physiology. Therefore, CMC has been widely used in food, medicine, daily chemic...
  • N-methylbenzylamine


    Chemical name:N-methylbenzylamine
    Molecular formula: c8h11n
    CAS No.: 103-67-3
    Molecular weight: 121.18
    appearance: Colorless to yellowish liquid
    Content: ≥99%
    Solubility: soluble in organic solvents, with benzylamine odor
    Boiling range: 184--186℃
    Refractive index: 1.5210
    Specific gravity: zero point nine three six
    [packaging and storage] 180kg iron barrel
  • Pentamethyldiethylenetriamine (pmdeta)

    Pentamethyldiethylenetriamine (pmdeta)

    Chemical name:Pentamethyldiethylenetriamine (pmdeta)
    Molecular formula: c9h23n3
    CAS No.: 3030-47-5
    Molecular weight: 173.3
    appearance: Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
    Solubility: soluble in water, easily soluble in benzene, alcohol, etc
    Content: ≥98%
    Boiling point: 198℃
    Refractive index: 1.442
    Density: 0.83g/ml
    [package storage] 170kg / barrel
  • Triethylenediamine (TEDA)

    Triethylenediamine (TEDA)

    Chemical name:Triethylenediamine (TEDA)
    Molecular formula: c6h12n2
    CAS No.: 280-57-9
    Molecular weight: 112.18
    appearance: White or light yellow crystal, easy to crystallize
    Content: ≥99.5%
    Solubility: soluble in water, acetone, benzene and ethanol, soluble in pentane, hexane, heptane and other straight chain hydrocarbons
    Melting point: 159.8℃
    Refractive index: 1.4634
    Density: 1.02g/ml
    [packaging and storage] 25kg cardboard barrel
  • Hexamethylphosphoric triamide

    Hexamethylphosphoric triamide

    Name:Hexamethylphosphoric triamide
    Molecular Formula: C6H18N3OP
    Molecular Weight: 179.20
    CAS No.: 680-31-9
  • N. N-dimethylbenzylamine (BDMA)

    N. N-dimethylbenzylamine (BDMA)

    Chemical name:N. N-dimethylbenzylamine (BDMA)
    Molecular formula: C9H13N
    CAS No.: 103-83-3
    Molecular weight: 135.21
    appearance: Colorless to yellowish liquid
    Content: ≥99%
    Solubility: soluble in ethanol, ether, insoluble in water
    Boiling range: 180--182℃
    Refractive index: 1.4985-1.5005
    Specific gravity: zero point eight nine four
    [packaging and storage] 180kg iron barrel
  • N,N,N’,N’-Tetramethylethylenediamine


    Molecular Formula: C6H16N2
    Molecular Weight: 116.21
    CAS No.: 110-18-9
    UN No.: 2372
  • Formamide


    Molecular Formula: CH3NO
    Molecular Weight: 45.04
    CAS Number: 75-12-7
  • N-Methylformamide


    Molecular Formula: HCONHCH3
    Molecular Weight: 59.07
    CAS Number: 123-39-7
  • N-Methylmorpholine   


    Name: N-Methylmorpholine   
    Other name:4-Methyl-1-oxa-4-azacyclohexane; 4-methylmorpholine; methyl morpholine; N-methylmorp-holine; N-Methylmorphofine; AKOS89985; LUPRAGEN(R) N 105; 1-Methylmorpholine;4-methylmorpholine hydrochloride;4-methylmorpholin-4-ium
    Molecular formula: C4H9ON
    CAS No.: 109-02-4
    Molecular Weight: 101.15
    Appearance: colorless liquid
  • 2,2’-Dichlrodiethylether


    Synonyms: 1,1'-Oxybis(2-Chloroethane); 1,5-Dichloro-3-oxapentane; DCEE
    Molecular Formula:C4H8Cl2O
    Molecular Weight:143.01
    CAS No.: 111-44-4
    UN No.: 1916
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